Indoor Shading systems

Indoor Shading systems

Roller, shading blinds, panels, box


Indoor Shading Systems

Manufacturing and installing complete shading systems, automatisms, awnings, Egio, Aigio, Achaia, and Peloponnese.

Indoor/interior shading. Awnings and shading systems for both business and residential places (Egio, Achaia, Peloponnese).

On our website you can find a wide range of products for indoor shading, such as rollers, panel, boxes and metallic, wooden or fabric blinds.



The most common and economical way…


Shading Panels

A modern way of shading and blackout …

Συστήματα εσωτερικής σκίασης - ρολοκουρτίνες

Shading Blinds

Vertical and Horizontal is the simple way of shading…

Συστήματα εσωτερικής σκίασης - ρολοκουρτίνες


All roller shutters can be placed…

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Call us at +30 26914 00015 to find out about the shading systems and awnings we offer in Aigio, Achaia, Peloponnese and throughout the wider region of Western Greece (Patras, Egio, Diakopto, Akrata, Derveni, Zante, Nafpaktos, Zakynthos).