Outdoor Shading systems

Outdoor Shading systems

Awnings of all types, Pergolas, tensile structures,cassette awnings, vertical Shading Systems, Shadeports, professional umbrellas


Outdoor Shading Systems

Outdoor/exterior shading. Manufacturing and installing complete shading systems, automatisms, awnings, Egio, Aigio, Achaia, and Peloponnese.

Awnings and shading systems for both business and residential places (Egio, Achaia, Peloponnese).

On our website you can find a wide range of products for outdoor shading, such as all sort of awnings, pergolas, tensile structures, cassettes awnings, professional type of umbrellas and products for indoor shading, such as rollers, panel, boxes and metallic, wooden or fabric blinds.

Τέντες παντός τύπου - εξωτερική σκίαση


Awnings of all types for outdoor shading…

τέντες αίγιο αχαια

Cassette awnings

It is an operating system with arms…

Πέργκολες - εξωτερική σκίαση


Electric folding pergolas…

τέντες αίγιο αχαια

Vertical shading systems

They consist of guides…

τέντες αίγιο αχαια

Tensile structures

A fairly special shadow suggestion…

Επαγγελματικές ομπρέλες, σκίαση, ομπρέλες παραλίας

Professional Umbrellas

The professional umbrella…

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Call us at +30 26914 00015 to find out about the shading systems and awnings we offer in Aigio, Achaia, Peloponnese and throughout the wider region of Western Greece (Patras, Egio, Diakopto, Akrata, Derveni, Zante, Nafpaktos, Zakynthos).